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A black op has gone terribly wrong. Now, Captain Carmen Ibanez and a hardcore trooper famed as Major Henry "Hero" Varro must lead a team of battle-weary troopers to find the missing ship and discover what went wrong.

Originally, I didn't like this movie that much, I found it rather boring and very overrated, until I watched it second time. In the Europe, this movie has became one of the highest-grossed Action films. This movie got everything what a movie should have, and I'm assured that anyone who see the full movie Starship Troopers: Invasion will enjoy it. Starship Troopers: Invasion filled me with difficult to explain energy, got me so immersed in it. I am a huge fan of this director and this movie was his finest. It is one of the few films of the past years that deserves to be seen multiple times. I choosed to upload this wonderful film, here on this website.... Show more

Directors: Shinji Aramaki
Countries: United States, Japan
Release: 2012-07-21
Duration: 89 min
IMDb Rating: 5.9
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