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Of East Indian origin of the Sikh faith, the Bhamra family have been settled in Great Britain for several years. They have two daughters, Pinky and Jessminder. While Pinky is in the process of getting married, Jessminder is preparing to play football - which is not acceptable to her parents. But Jessminder knows she is good at the sport, and she does receive considerable encouragement. Her parents are clearly uncomfortable with their daughter running around in shorts, chasing a big ball, instead of being clad in a traditional salwar khameez, and learning to cook East Indian recipes. Jessminder must now decide what's important for her. To make matters worse, a football tournament is arranged on the very day of her sister's marriage. Will Jessminder be able to play, or will her dreams be shattered?... Show more

Legendary movie, everyone should see it at least once. Bend It Like Beckham attracted huge audience in United States. Bend It Like Beckham has literally everything a good movie should have, a movie that can be watched online with friends or a random group of people, and everyone will enjoy it. Bend It Like Beckham has it all, great performances, great acting and well written script. I did not expect anything from Bend It Like Beckham, but it surprised me. Gurinder Chadha showed us the world on the screen from a different perspective. I choosed to upload this full movie.... Show more

Directors: Gurinder Chadha
Release: 2002-04-12
Duration: 112 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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