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Beautiful, mysterious - the occult history Jack Angel uncovers in the city of Bath is astonishing. But the discoveries become increasingly creepy and disturbing - and the 'final revelation' will change the way you see the world. This film was made by Andy Roberts between 2008 and the present. In 2015 after a breakdown he re-cut the footage - adding disturbing messages and hidden clues.

Movies of Andy Roberts are always worth to watch. Occult Angel attracted huge audience in United States. This is truely a new quality in the genre of Mystery movies. In my opinion, some of the actors roles were just a masterpieces. I did not expect anything from Occult Angel, but it surprised me. Occult Angel is a great example on how the history is created. I choosed to upload this wonderful film, here on this website.

Directors: Andy Roberts
Release: 2018-06-21
Duration: 66 min
IMDb Rating: 3.9
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